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Neha Foundation was constituted in May 15, 2006, as a center for self-development and parental counseling at chepauk, Chennai. Dr. Sumathi Chandrasekaran is the founder of Neha Foundation. She is a developmental psychologist who is specialized in parental counseling and children behavioral problems. Neha foundation is guided by the mission to create awareness and motivate individuals towards personal growth. This is accomplished by conducting various training programs for schools, colleges, corporate and industries. Women empowerment program for non – professionals, parenting program for parents and guardians ... More

Art of parenting

Parenting styles

Understanding misbehavior

Positive discipline techniques

Parent child communication

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Special needs of children

Learning disorders



Emotional behavioral problems

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Personal effectiveness:

Healthy Self esteem

Emotional intelligence

Positive attitude

Goal Setting

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For parents

Every child needs a secure base to survive in this wonderful world. The secure base is the one which provides the foundation or a platform where the child feels very secured and loved. This secure base could be parents, who help the child to develop physically, emotionally, intellectually, and sociable healthy child. The child feels very safe and secure ...

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You can send in your queries regarding child rearing practices and other aspects of parenting issues in dealing with children, teenage and late adolescents behavioral problems. You can also seek help for direction and information regarding any personal or academic problems in your life. Your queries would be addressed within a week to ensure a prompt reply...

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